Hi there. Ed here just writing another post.

So, for this post I admit I’ll be very selfish. I won’t give any style advice, trends, ultimate guides or anything like that.

In fact, I won’t be giving anything this time. Bummer.

Au contraire, this time I’ll take from you. Well, to be exact I’ll just be asking for something from you:

Your honest and valuable opinion.

I Have A Goal: Avoid Short-Sighted Blogging (And Need Your Help)

It’s true that I started this blog with the initial intention to focus solely on men’s style, more specifically formal or classic menswear. And so My Dapper Self was born a menswear blog, without thinking too much about it. The menswear topic is pretty much all I’ve been blogging about (with a few rare exceptions, but still not too far away from the center topic).

And that will always be the main focus of My Dapper Self. Formal menswear will always remain the essence of the blog. I promise you that.

But there are just so many things I’d like to write about and, frankly, I don’t want to fall into the trap of blogging with a short-sighted approach. Putting out content that keeps repeating itself again and again just because I’m too dumb not too look beyond the obvious.

I know for a fact, the interests we share go much further than just clothes and style. In fact, I am absolutely certain the way we choose to dress is just a result of other core values, ideals and mindsets we share. Am I right?

Well, that’s my plan: to touch on those topics that interest us all, but I need your help to clear out the path.

What Other Type Of Topics You Would Like To Read About?

So here’s where I ask you for something concrete.

I’d love to know what type of topics that you, as a man (or woman, if that’s the case) enjoy reading from style blogs for men. Or in other more abstract words, what other paths would you like me to explore?

I am open to all input (within reasonable limits, of course. I’m not gonna be posting recipes here anytime soon!).

To make it easier for you, here are a few options (you can choose more than one), but you can also feel free to add a different one you might have in mind!

Second Thing: How To Deliver The Content

The effectiveness of content goes well beyond the actual content. I know for a fact that the medium in which it is delivered is a critical part of the equation.

Some of you enjoy reading posts, some of you surely prefer videos, some of you would rather just listen to a voice… which one are you?

I would like to go all the way and make my best effort to talk about the topics you like in the medium you prefer. That’s why here’s a second poll asking you, what’s the type of content you enjoy the most.

Again, multiple choice is valid and you can always add your own answer if you so wish:

My Promise To You

In the opening sentence of this post I mentioned I would limit this post to asking something from you, but I guess I was wrong.

I’ll give something back. I give you my promise to keep working as hard as I can on the blog, pay close to your feedback and make my best effort to deliver the best content I can possibly come up with.

And an extra promise: to always aim to improve what I put out for you.

You kinda deserve it.

Thanks for your responses, your attention and your time.

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