This Is Why You Need A Navy Suit (7 Authentic Reasons Why)

Ed Ruiz

9 May 2018

If you were to only own one single suit, which color should it be?

Options are many, but trust me, the best choice might as well be navy.

In this post I explain why.

When talking about suit and tie and all different options there are out there in terms of colors and styles, not even counting personal tastes, it would be hard to say which items are definitely, 100% a must-have in every man’s wardrobe (although I did come up with a list of absolute must-have ties that every man needs).

Except the navy suit.

Every man needs a navy suit.

Need convincing? Here are 7 great reasons why.

Actually, I could come up with a million reason why every man needs a navy suit, but I had to restrain myself from going overboard (like I usually do… ehm).

So if you’re ok with it, let me try keep it super focused and hopefully convincing enough.

Why all men need a navy suit

The X Reasons Why You (And I Mean All Of You) Need A Navy Suit

1. Navy Is Pretty Much A Neutral Color

When we think about neutral colors, it is normal that gray, white and even black would come to mind. You know, those colors that can easily be matched with other different colors.

If we were to speak strictly in technical terms, navy is not really a neutral color.

But in practice, it pretty much is quite a neutral color, wouldn’t you say? Especially if what we are talking about is suits.

You can pair a navy suit with black shoes, brown shoes (yes, even though some claim that’s a misstep, I’m convinced it is not), and other not so conventional shoe colors like purple, green or even white.

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What about shirts? Navy suits go great with white shirts, black shirts, blue shirts, pink shirts, gray shirts, green shirts. As long as you choose the right hue of these colors, you can make them look phenomenal with a navy suit.

Now can we add navy to the official list of neutral suit colors, please?

2. A Navy Suit Is Also Super Versatile

Not only in its ability to be matched with almost any other color, but also in all the different ways and settings you can wear a navy suit.

You can make a great outfit by choosing to wear it in a very formal fashion by pairing it with an elegant crisp white shirt, a classic stripped tie and well-shined black shoes.

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Or you can wear it with an open collar black shirt and black boots for a more relaxed and casual take on it.

Even a semi casual shirt with dark brown brogues would create a fantastic look.

Make it a patterned navy suit and the possibilities could be endless.

Ver-sa-tile I tell you, guys.

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3. Navy Slims You Down

Circling back to the previous point, some would claim there are many other suit colors that can be quite versatile to the point of challenging navy’s top position.

Well, yeah, that could be true.

But many of those colors are rather light and not deep as navy.

The dark nature of navy will slim you down, like most dark colors do, especially when wearing suit (oh the amazing wonders of wearing a suit!).

Who really doesn’t want to look slimmer and fitter? I know I do, especially now that it’s been a few months that I’ve missed the gym (yeah, I know…). Update: Not anymore! Working out again!

In the meantime, while we choose to go back to our workout routine, the navy suit can help.

On the other hand, lighter colors do help you stay more comfortable in hot weather when wearing a suit, but I digress, it is navy that I’m trying to sell to you today.

4. Puts Your Shoes Collection To Good Use

I know, I know I already mentioned this in the first point, the neutral color one, remember?

But this is an important reason why I am convinced that every man needs a navy suit, especially those with a large, or not even large, just nice and cool shoe collection.

I’m sure you own at least a couple shoes that you bought just because you liked how they look at the shoe store or the online store or wherever you buy your shoes.

Only to keep them in their box, with sheets of paper still stuffed inside them because you really didn’t find any good combinations that will make them justice.

Well, hello there, navy suit!

It might save your neglected shoes from the oblivion you imposed upon them. It is worth it to own a nice navy suit just because of this sole (no pun intended) reason.

But moving on, cause there is still more to cover.

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5. Is There A More Masculine Color?

Sure, you can say black is the most masculine color.

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But is it really? I think black is pretty much just a classy color that equally evokes images of masculine and feminine elegance.

So yeah, not black.

As for navy, yes, I know, women can also wear navy in a very feminine way.

And technically, any color can be masculine too, but stop it now! Stop trying to sabotage my well thought out point: navy is a super masculine color that looks great in suits and it would most likely be the best choice for any man looking to buy his very first suit.

So yeah, masculine… navy… there’s a connection. A positive one.

6. How Would You Like To Convey How Awesome You Are Just By The Color Of The Suit You Wear?

While doing some research online to write this blog post I decided to take a look at what color psychology has to say about the color navy.

What I found was truly phenomenal. Following is a list of different personality traits that are usually linked to the color navy.

  1. Trustworthiness
  2. Elegance
  3. Sophistication
  4. Authority
  5. Confidence
  6. Power
  7. Intelligence
  8. Stability
  9. Unity
  10. Conservatism
  11. Effin’ Awesomeness

Okay, I made up that last one, but let’s be honest, what man wouldn’t love to transmit all these great attributes just by the color he is wearing?

What? Does it all sound like made up BS to you? (You know, the whole color psychology thing).

Well, think again. Color psychology is real and it has been proven it can actually influence our behavior and the way we think about things that surround us.

Still don’t believe me? Well, you’re free to forget this point, after all, I gave you other 5 good reasons why you absolutely need to own (at least) one navy suit in your wardrobe.

I have one more.

7. Because I Tell You So

They say tough love works for some people, so why not make use of it if, ultimately, it will result in you taking action and go get that navy suit?

Whether you actually need the suit right now or not, believe me, it makes a lot of sense to be safe and make sure you own one for those occasions when you will actually need to wear a suit.

Why? Because I tell you so! (And because of those 6 other arguably more sensible reasons 😉)

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Convinced You Certainly Need A Navy Suit?

Now that you know there are at least 7 reason why you should own a navy suit, what are you waiting for?

Whether it is an off-the-rack suit (but please take it to a competent tailor after the fact) or a made to measure suit or even a bespoke suit, you owe to yourself to go and get a navy suit.

You know you do.

By the way, can you think of another good reason why every man should own a navy suit? Why don’t you let me know in the comments below?

Stay classy, gents.


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