If you have been reading My Dapper Self for at least some time now, you know I love bow ties.

And so, being the shameless passionate fan I am of bow ties, when the guys at Reda Slaoui approached me to let me know about what they were doing, I gladly accepted to give their bow ties a try.

It is always exciting to see people from all over the world doing cool things in the menswear industry, and I’m sure My Dapper Self can be a great platform to give many of these companies a chance to showcase what it is they’re doing – as long as the quality is top-notch, they can have a place here.

Having said that, I am sure you will be interested in what Reda Slaoui is doing. Keep reading.

Ok, So What Or Who Is Reda Slaoui?

Reda Slaoui boxes

It’s actually a who and also a what,… sort of.

Reda Slaoui is a French menswear company, which shares its name with its founder, Reda Slaoui.

Located in Paris and with an architecture background, Reda Slaoui focuses on quality craftmanship and design in all the pieces they produce. They really do.

At the time of this post, they offer ties, bow ties and shirts through their website, which I encourage you to visit so you can learn more about the company. You see, I can tell there is a real passion behind what these French guys are doing, which I applaud and certainly appreciate.

While I haven’t had the pleasure to give their ties and shirts a try, I did have the opportunity to immerse myself into the quality of their bow ties.

Here are my thoughts.

What I Loved About The Bow Tie

The first thing that caught my attention was the box in which the bow tie came in. It looks quite nice and I could, right at that moment, tell Reda Slaoui does care about creating a classy image for themselves. It also makes for a good box to keep your bow tie safe while you are not wearing it (I’d rather keep my bow ties in boxes, for some reason).

Ok, so about the bow tie. I got the azure blue one with a diamond shape, although there a few more colors to choose from. What can I say? I love blue, so I am a happy man.

The bow tie is 100% woven silk, which makes it feel very nice to the touch – it really feels like quality silk. Also, the knot it gives looks very nice and clean, with the advantage that it doesn’t seem to lose it’s shape after moving around (which happens with a lot of bow ties).

I really enjoy the pattern on the bow tie fabric, with some short vertical lines in a lighter color. I think it goes great with a very light blue or white shirt.

Overall, I think the craftmanship is great, the quality cannot only be seen, but felt as well. You can tell this is a well-constructed bow tie that can last a lifetime provided it’s well taken care of.

A Couple Things I Didn’t Necessarily Loved

Ed wearing Reda Slaoui

Me in my blue Reda Slaoui bow tie. Untied, because I’m cool like that.

I owe it to the brand and also to all my readers to give you a honest review. Therefore, it is worth mentioning a couple things that I felt could be improved:

Reda Slaoui’s website mentions that bow ties come pre-tied, with the option to have them untied if you prefer self-tie bow ties. The exact way I warn against getting clip-on ties, I will usually (read: always) advice against buying pre-tied bow ties,

For one, you really should know by now how to tie a bow tie and furthermore, even if you can undo the pre-tied bow tie, the fabrics could have experienced some damage after staying tightly tied for too long.

The good thing is, you have the choice and it’s up to you to decide which version you will get. Ideally, though, all bow ties should come as self-tie bow ties.

Another thing I really want to mention is the size of the bow tie: at 7cm x 11,5 cm (2.75 in x 4.5 in), the end result is quite a big bow tie. Unless you are man of very significant dimensions, the bow tie will most likely end up looking too big on you. Personally, being a short man, the bow tie does look a bit oversized on me, even after trying to trick the knot to make it look at least a bit smaller. This is probably the biggest issue I have with the tie.

Again, the dimensions might work for some bigger men, but I would strongly urge Reda Slaoui to come up with smaller bow tie options, if anything, at least for the shorter men interested in wearing their bow ties.

Reda Slaoui Bow Tie Knot

The end result. A tad too big for me. Admittedly, a point collar would’ve worked better.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for a quality, well-constructed bow tie, definitely give Reda Slaoui a chance – you will be getting a truly excellent bow tie. Just make sure you ask for the self-tie version of their tie and while you’re at it, help me encourage these guys to, at least, come up with a smaller variant of their bows.

Prices for these bow ties are: EU: 135,00 € / OUTSIDE EU: 112,00 € (they do ship outside Europe, so you might have to convert the prices to your local currency).

Stay dapper!


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