Dear menswear brands,post

This is an open letter to most of you. What the f***?! I mean, honestly, how can you be so mean and cruel? Is cruel a very strong word to you?

Good! Because I really mean it. You’re being cruel.

‘Cause let me tell you, there is not a single word in the English language (yes, English is not my native language, but still) that would express exactly how I feel every time I see a nice suit or any other gear I’d love to have, only to find out that you simply don’t carry my size – I’m just too short. Leaving empty handed when shopping sucks. A lot.

Being a guy that is 5’6” tall or shorter (I’m 5’4” or 1.62 cm, by the way) pretty much means you’re screwed if you want to look at least a bit classy.

The truth is, sometimes I feel a bit discouraged, sometimes mad and quite frustrated. But when it gets to me really bad, I simply feel depressed.

And I know for a fact that I’m not alone in this. You should really know that not all your potential customers are a standard size. And there is only so much smart clothing one can buy from the juniors department without starting to feel a bit childish with what we’re wearing. Besides this, you should know shopping in the juniors department is not a very comfortable experience. Any man who has gone through it will have my back on this one.

It seems the only option we are left with is going for made to measure clothing, especially if we want a suit that looks decent. Sure, that’s fine and dandy, except not all of us have the means to afford a tailor and a made to measure wardrobe on a budget.

Lame is what it is.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand you are running a business and it’s logical, you focus on creating garments that will match most body types. I get it, I really do. Business is business. But I feel something has to be said. I have to address this situation, not only for me, but for others who find themselves in an identical situation.

Speaking of business, please listen: you are not as smart as you think you are. That’s right.

Why? Simple. Making smaller clothes requires smaller quantities of fabric, and by no means I’m urging you to charge any less for such smaller garments. So you see, catering to us shorter guys as well can be a wise business decision that can bring you some nice extra revenue in the long run. We might actually be better customers than our taller counterparts.

And yet, it seems no f***s are given.

I guess the main message I want to get across to all of you is there are hundreds of thousands of us who are willing to spend our hard earned money to buy the products and clothing you are trying to sell, but you simply make it a hopelesss endeavor for many of us.

Please think for a moment: you can make life a hell easier for many of us. And I personally would be forever grateful if you choose to do something about it.

I know I’m not asking for much, am I?


All the best,



To My Dapper Self readers:

If you are a short guy like me, not all hope is lost and there is actually a good selection of brands that do carry smaller sizes. If you would like to know more about what your options are, I strongly urge you to check out Brock’s blog The Modest Man. Brock is the king in shorter men’s style advice.

Before you go looking for some more cat videos on YouTube, if you agree with the content of this post, and believe it would be refreshing to see more brands caring more about those of us who are shorter than average, please consider sharing this post.

Okay, here’s a video of a dapper cat doing a cool walk.

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