If you saw a sharply dressed man in a suit and tie many things could come to your mind, but I hardly believe metalhead would be one of those.

On the other hand, if you think of a metalhead, the idea of a dapper suit and tie dresser wouldn’t automatically jump out at you.

And I guess that would make perfect sense. I mean, we are talking about two completely different (some would say opposite) concepts here.

But what if I told you metalheads and sharp dressers have much more in common than you, and surely themselves, would think?

Crazy theory? Sure. But within this craziness lies a great deal of truth.

As a big fan of suits and, at the same time, a die-hard fan of metal music I feel it is my obligation to unveil these hidden connections to the world. And you know this post was coming, it was just a matter of time.

So bear with me before you completely write me off, please keep reading.

It’s about to get heavy… Meshuggah level heavy!

Unveiling The 6 Things That Sharp Dressers And Metalheads Have In Common

1 Conforming to society? Pfff… Please! No one would ever question that metal music appeals mostly to people who don’t easily conform to what society expects them to like.

On reason is, you really have to get out of your way to find this type of music since it is not necessarily accessible nor gets any real promotion in today’s mainstream media. Conformers wouldn’t mind listening to whatever music get played and overplayed everywhere. That’s not the case with metal fans.

Well, the same applies to all suit and tie wearers out there.

Isn’t wearing a suit and tie on a regular basis a way of contempt to today’s society expectations that we all should go as casual as we possibly can, no matter the circumstances?

That’s what I call true corrosion of conformity!

2 They’re vulgar displays of power. It’s a well known fact that metal music is powerful, with those heavy riffs, thundering bass and fast drumming.

Well, let me ask you: don’t a well-fitting suit, a crisp shirt and a bold necktie pack the same powerful punch in terms of menswear and men’s style?

Nothing, I mean nothing, comes even close to displaying such a powerful attitude.

Dapper Horns Up3 Epitomes of masculinity. Just as metal music appeals mostly to men, and therefore we can safely consider this type of music as very masculine, the classic suit and tie style is exemplar of perfect masculinity in style.

While none of these two communities are exclusive to men (in fact, the number of females in the metal community keeps growing), we’d be dumb to deny masculinity is predominant in both.

4 Real brotherhoods. Believe me when I say this, you will hardly ever find a more friendly community than the metal community. Fans supportive of their favorite bands and bands supportive of their fans. I have experienced this first hand since I was very young.

I must say, though, it was surprising to find out that the community of classic menswear fans out there are just as supportive of each other as the metal community.

Not to mention how friendly and welcoming both groups of people are. I call myself lucky to belong to these two great communities.

5 They will prevail despite difficult times. It is no secret that heavy music is not necessarily the most popular or receives much support from the general public these days. And the same can be said (sadly) about formal and classic style for men, it seems the popularity of classic clothing keeps declining in favor of a more casual approach in every circumstance of life.

Even the most formal environments of yesteryear are being more acceptable of casual clothes these days,

Despite all of this backlash, I believe both classic menswear and metal music will prevail. No, they will probably never be back in the mainstream again, but nothing will stop these communities from thriving in their own terms.

6 Europeans make it better. A big and controversial claim, I know, but I have to say Europeans, particularly the Nordic countries, are much better than the rest of the world at playing metal music.

In parallel, you might have already read my list of the Top 10 Best Dressed Countries I published last year (by the way, the 2016 list will be ready soon!), so you are aware that I believe European countries do have the best dressers in the world. Not saying there aren’t terrific examples of menswear style and great metal music from all corners of the world, but yeah, Europeans are usually better at doing these two things.

Bridging Together These Two Previously Detached Communities

So there you have it, gents and metalheads, you never would’ve imagined, but your two communities share more with each other than you think.

Gents, let me ask you, how about letting some heavy music into your life? You’re already a nonconfirmist of society after all!

Metalheads, how do you like the idea of dressing up more often? It’s the most powerful style out there… embrace it!

I’d love to read your opinions. Are you a big fan of metal music? If so, how do you feel about formal menswear. Are you a big fan of classic men’s style? How do you feel about metal and heavy music? Do you guys agree with me on this one or do you see more differences than similarties between these two communities?

I’ll let you go for now,… with one hand fixing my tie and the other one giving a horns up!

Img source: @jason_yeats

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