Hello gents. Let’s talk about suit and tie trends for 2016.

But first of all, let me clarify something: I normally don’t like to put too much emphasis on “trends”, since the word usually carries a negative connotation amongst suit and tie connoiseurs (this is most likely related to the same old style vs fashion debate). Even myself, I do feel talking about trends can cheapen the whole timeless and forever-classy idea of a suit and tie ensemble.

But we’d all be stupid to deny there are trends within the suit and tie style that come and go, without ever compromising the elegance or the flattering nature of the suit and tie.

Let’s get back on track. The thing is, I decided to put together a list of trends that I have noticed have gathered some steam this year in the suit and tie wearers circles, so let’s take a look at them, what they’re all about and whether or not you should attempt to follow them or if you’ll be better off sitting a few of them out.

The 7 Suit And Tie Trends Crushing 2016


  1. Wide Lapels.

    This one has to top the list without a doubt. Jacket lapels seem to get wider and wider by the minute. Just take a quick look at recent photos from your favorite tailors and you’ll see wide lapels popping up time and again. While pretty uncommon just a few years ago, they are taking the center stage in terms of providing suits with bold personalities this year. Is this trend for you? Just don’t go overboard with it, even if it looks great on someone else, it doesn’t really mean it’ll look great on you. Other than that, if you have the build (broad or athletic torso), you might want to try it, as long as you are fine with the attention your lapels will bring to you.

  2. Accessories Abound.

    Second on the list are accessories and their quite excessive appearance in suit and tie ensembles. While a certain amount of accessories is always of great help in taking a suit and tie combo to a whole new level of style, it seems these days gents are overaccessorizing. You’ll find men wearing a pocket square, a pair of cufflinks, 11 bracelets, a lapel pin/boutonniere and a tiebar all at the same time. Is this a bit too much? Umm… I’d say so, but the fact is, the trend is there, it is real, it is happening, so it’s up to you to decide if you’ll go down that route. For what my two cents are worth: keep it to 3 accessories maximum.

    2016 Suit and Tie Trends Accessories

  3. Double-Breasted Jackets.

    A trend we could say started getting a lot of attention even a couple years back already, but I feel the presence of double-breasted jacket suits will keep increasing during 2016. Even if the single-breasted suit style will maintain its predominance (will this ever change?), double-breasted suits haven’t been as common as they’re these days since at least two decades ago. I can only welcome this trend since it simply gives us more opportunities to have fun with suit ensembles. Double-breasted suits make one hell of a great impression every single time, so you can use this to your advantage when going for a bold statement with your style. Be aware though, fit is always critical and moreso with double-breasted suits.

  4. High Rise Pants.

    It’s funny we have to call them “high rise pants”, when in reality the correct way to call them should just be: the correct rise pants. For some stupid, crazy reason some men believed it was right to emulate the low rise of very casual pants on their suit trousers and dress pants. So let’s rejoice, gents. It all indicates that trousers with a higher rise just appropriate rise are coming back strong. About what “appropriate rise” means, remember your trousers must sit just where your natural waist is located. Is this trend for you? Yes. It’s for you and you and you and you and you. It’s for everyone!

  5. Rough Textures and Fabrics.

    Remember back in the days when the only thing you would see around a man’s collar was a silk necktie? Those daring to be different would probably go for a satin tie, but there was hardly any real presence of rougher fabrics. I’m happy to say that’s no longer the case. Not because I have anything against the beautiful silk of most ties (I love it, in fact), but having the option to choose a different type of texture is a great way to open the possibilities of what you can wear for a killer suit and tie ensemble. Same goes for suits, jackets and all types of formal wear. It sure looks like the masculine side of rougher fabrics is claiming its well-deserved attention. I for one, welcome this trend and would definitely encourage you to try it.

  6. Tall Collars.

    I’ve never been too much of a fan of tiny, floppy collars, particularly as a part of a suit and tie look. You can imagine my disappointment when very small collars got some popularity a few years back, so I applaud this new shift in shirt collar styles. Taller collars have more charisma, they look better when you are not wearing a tie and provide a better frame for the face. Tall collars should work for most men, except those short men with extremely short necks, in which case you’ll probably want to stick with regular size collars (I will always resist recommending small collars).

  7. Brown Gets Some Love.

    Brown suits have always been relegated to the 2nd or 3rd tier of suit and tie colors. How unfair have we been. The good news is, it certainly seems brown suits are finally making a great resurgence and regained the acceptance they never should’ve lost. Whether it is lighter shades or darker shades of brown, you’ll see lots of them this year. Anyone can rock a brown tie with confidence, you’ll just have to learn how to liven up this very peculiar type of suit with more energetic and brigther pieces in your ouftits.

    2016 Suit and Tie Trends Brown

Your Turn

Am I missing any trends here? Have you noticed any other recent trends in the formal menswear industry? Which of them has got you more excited and which of them will keep you cringing all year long? Share whatever you have in mind in the comments section below.

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