Interview With The Bow Tie Collective

Ed Ruiz

4 December 2017

Young men into the bow tie business?

What? I must be kidding you, right?

Well, no, I am not kidding you. These young men are real and what they are doing is very inspiring.

Following a family tradition, this group of brothers who call themselves The Bow Tie Collective have been in the bow tie industry for some time now and let me tell you, these young gentlemen have what it takes.

Good old knowledge and passion.

I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Tyler, one of the owners and founders of TBC, who helped me understand more about who they are, what they do, how they do it and why they do it.

I am glad to say that it seems the future of bow ties is safe in the hands of people like Tyler and his brothers. 🙂

You will surely enjoy the interview!

The Bow Tie Collective Interview

Interview With Tyler From The Bow Tie Collective

Hey Tyler, first of all, I want to thank you for accepting my invitation to be interviewed for the blog. It is an honor to be able to feature you and The Bow Tie Collective.

I’m already familiar with what you guys are doing, but would you please introduce The Bow Tie Collective to the readers of this blog who don’t know you yet?

Of course! My name is Tyler, and I am one of the owners of The Bow Tie Collective. Myself, and my two brothers (Will and Josch) created this business 3 years ago to continue our grandpa’s legacy of creating high quality and hand-made bow ties in the US. Our Grandpa, Bill, owned his business for quite a few years, but unfortunately we were too young when he passed away to take on his business, so here we are today!

When we started, we wanted to go beyond the bow tie, and create something that could spark positivity and growth for the world around us. The Bow Tie Collective embodies the idea of like-minded individuals coming together to create space for growth and positivity. The mosaic pattern of the logo portrays this idea; it is when each individual tile blends together that something truly beautiful is formed.

Just to put our conversation into perspective for anyone reading, how old are you guys?

Will is 27, I’m 24, and Josch is 22

Well, it certainly is refreshing to find a group of young gentlemen like yourselves promoting the use of the bow tie, which is a, well… not so appreciated piece of clothing, especially amongst young people. Is that really the case or is this just an incorrect appreciation on my part?

Yes and no, given our own experiences. There’s certainly a wave coming of people our age who are starting to appreciate bow ties, utilizing them as a way to express themselves uniquely and to “stand out from the crowd”. Because they are so different from ties, however, we have seen some hesitation by people who feel like they may not be ready for the attention that a bow tie brings. We have seen a massive influx of a much younger crowd (we’re talking 8-15 age range) starting to branch out from the typical casual wear and opting from more refined style, which is definitely a refreshing thing to witness.

One of the many bow tie designs offered by The Bow Collective. Honestly, what’s not to love?

I definitely have seen, first-hand, that there is a renewed interest in more formal styles and fashion from the male crowd, but I didn’t know it had reached even younger crowds, which is amazing.

Going back to your origins and how you got inspired by your grandpa, did you always know you wanted to pursue bow ties as your passion and ultimately, a business?

It was more of a “right place, right time” kind of thing for us. Our grandfather was a huge role model for all three of us, but back then we were on completely different paths. It wasn’t until Josch and I were finishing our time at college that we realized we wanted to go into business together, what ever that entailed. After some thought, it clicked for both of us that why not bow ties? It was in our blood already, and we were witnessing the increasing opportunity that the market was was starting to see. It’s a lot easier said than done creating a business from scratch, of course!

Of course it is and I really applaud you for what you guys are doing. Your grandpa must be proud, wherever he is, for carrying on the torch.

Let me ask you, what makes the bow tie special for you, personally?

Besides a way to carry our Grandpa with us wherever we go, what makes the bow tie special for me is more about what it has represented since starting this business. With bow ties, we’ve been able to travel the country, meet such amazing people, and pursue something that I’m truly passionationate about. We have big plans for bow ties, and it’s our mission to use the bow tie as a vehicle to help as many people as we can. Whether that means allowing them to find the confidence that they deserve, or showcasing how they make a positive impact on the world around them by utilizing our “collective” aspect.

You mention “helping as many people as you can”. Are you guys affiliated with any movement or organization that you support?

Not currently, but we do have a special “autism awareness” bow tie where we donate a percentage of our proceeds go to a local non profit. In the future, we plan on creating more specialty bow ties and donating to smaller charities that haven’t gotten lost in the politics that you see in bigger ones. Other than that, we will focusing on “The Collective” side of our business, which will showcase those people who are making a positive in their community, as previously mentioned. If we can provide the audience that these people wouldn’t usually have, then we will!

It all started here, with Grandpa Bill. Hats off to this dapper, classy gentleman.

You have already mentioned that younger crowds are shifting towards having a more positive attitude towards bow ties, but some misconceptions still prevail. What would you say is the most absurd fallacy about bow tie wearers?

I would say the most absurd fallacy about bow ties is that only nerds wear them. There is still that stereotype that bow ties are for nerds. The other fallacy we’ve noticed pretty predominant is that bow ties are too formal for everyday wear

Well and that’s exactly what you guys are doing, right? Exploring and promoting bow ties from both a formal but also a quite casual and laid-back approach.

Yes, we are.

Are there any plans to expand your horizons and work on creating ties?

Yes down the road we are looking to expand into being able to print our own fabric for our exclusive lines (like the people we feature in our collective) we will also expand into custom dress shirts and formal wear of that nature. But as far as ties, that’s still up in the air

That’s great and I look forward to whatever stuff you guys will put out. Just before I let you go, what would you say to the men out there who are in the fence and not sure if bow ties are actually for them? What’s the best advice you could give to them?

The best advice we have for anyone on the fence is to just try it out. Wearing a bow tie is one of the easiest ways to get noticed and receive more compliments than you could think of, our bow ties are also a great conversation piece!

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“Wearing a bow tie is one of the easiest ways to get noticed and receive more compliments than you could think of.”

Well said. And I did notice your bow ties seem to make a statement all by themselves just by virtue of their designs. Do you have a favorite one that you feel the readers should check out?

We definitely pride ourselves on our unique patterns but our best sellers are Eerl Grey or Floral Delight- Iris. Both of these have a nice vibrant blue backdrop with reds and light blues/Grey’s that go with almost every color and patterned shirt. We also have a bow tie design of our logo, it just isn’t on our website yet but we’ve received a lot of interest in the design already.

I’ll be sure to check them out. I’ll check out all of your collection for that matter haha. I’d like to thank you for your time for this interview and wish you the best of luck. Anything else you would like to mention?

Thank you Ed we appreciate you taking the time to Interview us. The only other thing worth mentioning is our buckle system. We give our clients the option to either tie their bow ties how they like or clip them on and off. These buckles solve two problems, the ones who don’t know how to tie bow ties can easily clip it on and off and they also help preserve the fabric for people who enjoy tying their bow ties

That’s great. I will always encourage menswear enthusiasts to go with self-tied bow ties, but it is nice that you give your customers an option.

Thank you for your time. Keep doing what you guys are doing – you know you have an ally in me.

Yes we absolutely agree with that.

Thank you, Tyler!

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