Prince Albert Knot – All You Need To Know About It!

Ed Ruiz

6 January 2017

The Prince Albert knot is one of my favorite tie knots. Reknown for its slick, stylish, original shape, but there is certainly more to the Prince Albert knot. And I’m here to talk about it all.

I don’t keep track of how many times I wear each knot. I am not crazy like that.

But I can safely assume that the Prince Albert knot is the one I wear the most.


Well, I don’t have a clear answer for that question. I will think about it, though.

But the fact that I wear it so often has led me to investigate a little bit about it and learn about some interesting details that make the Prince Albert knot special.

And here’s what I have found.

But before…

My Prince Albert Knot Video Tutorial

Recently published on my YouTube channel, to which I don’t have to ask you again to please subscribe, but please subscribe, here is a video where I talk about some of the things I discuss on this very blog post.

So, come on, watch the video and then continue with the rest of the article.

Click here to read the transcript of this video.

Hello guys, this is Ed. Many of you have
been asking me when I’m going to
start doing video tutorials or saying
hey can you show me how you tie your
ties? So, now that I have a new webcam, I
figured this could be a good time to
start doing these tutorials and for this
one, for the first one, I’m going to show
you how to tie a Prince Albert knot, which
is one of my favorites. You can see I
wear it a lot in my pictures and it’s super
easy to tie, looks super cool, super
elegant, it works with most shirt collars,
so this is definitely a good option
anytime you’re wearing a suit… Why don’t
you go get your tie, I’ll go get mine and
I’ll see you in a few moments.
OK, I’m back and as you can see, I removed
my jacket because it is kind of difficult
to tie a tie when you’re wearing a
jacket, but I’ll put it back on once I’m
done with the tutorial just to show you
the end result, how the tie looks with a
jacket on…
so, let’s get started… so I chose a dark,
blue, beautiful tie, I think it goes
great with this shirt. I really recommend going
for you mid-width tie, don’t make it too
narrow or don’t make it too wide because
the end result can look a little bit
strange in my opinion, so I definitely
recommend going for a mid-width tie.
So, of course we need to get ready… get
the shirt
ready. Button it all the way to the top
like this, pull the collar up… this are just
the basics, guys. Okay so we have the narrow
end of the tie on her left hand and the
wide end of the tie on the right-hand.
Now, the first step is making sure that
the narrow end of the tie isn’t too long
probably somewhere like here… so, I don’t
have a mirror in front of me, so I’m just
trying to make it as long as I
usually wear it. So, the first step… now
you need to pay attention, and this is
super easy so it’s not going to be
difficult, but… just look what I’m doing.
So, you bring over the wide end of the
tie over the narrow end of the tie… to
the back and then to the front again,
like this. Very easy and actually, this is
the first step that you just completed
and now we go to the second step and
it’s actually, exactly the same as the
first one. So, once you have it like this
you need to bring it back again like
this, and to the front again. So, now you
have something like this. As you can see,
from the times you cross it over two
times, you can see there’s a little hole
here, so that’s where you’re gonna slip
the wide end of the tie through, so just look
at what I’m doing.
So, once you have it like this, you bring
it to the back and then to the front
like this. You see? So, once you have it
like this, all you need to do you…
remember I mentioned the hole that
we created when we were crossing
over the wide end of the tie over the
narrow end? You only need to introduce
the wide end of the tie through that
hole, like this. Now, this can be a little
bit tricky, but just be careful and it
shouldn’t be a problem.
Something like this. And you see, it
doesn’t look perfect right now, but be
it’s going to be super cool, I promise. So,
the next step
is pretty obvious, you just need to pull it
down… so you can tighten the knot. Now, one
of the tricks about the Prince Albert knot,
is that it really needs to be super
tight. If you leave it a little bit loose
it can look a little bit weird…
it doesn’t give that same effect as
having it super tight, but don’t go too
far because we don’t want to damage the
tie. Just make sure it’s tighter than
probably you would tie a Windsor knot
or a four-in-hand. Now, I have my knot. My
knot is ready now… as you can see, I
managed to create a beautiful dimple,
which is one of the fine little details
that can separate you as an expert when
tying ties. I always try to have one, but if
it doesn’t look like this you just
gotta keep trying or learn to live with
a tie without a dimple, which is also OK.
I mean, I usually go for it, as long as
its well tied it’s going to be perfect.
So, now all you need to do is, pull up your
knot to your shirt collar, like this. Now, I
don’t have a mirror in front of me, so I
don’t know how it looks, but I can go get
my jacket, fix the
knot a little bit, turn down the collar and
I’ll show you how it looks. OK, so, now I’m
back. As you can see. the Prince Albert
is in place… it looks pretty good, I think.
I have the jacket on,
I’m wearing a light blue pocket square… I
think it works great with this shirt. So, as
you can see, I’m wearing a semi-spread
collar, which works just great with a
Prince Albert. You can also go for a cutaway
collar. I think it looks super
elegant. I wouldn’t recommend going for a
point collar… as you know, the point collar
is very narrow, so it doesn’t give a lot
of room for the Prince Albert to show,
which kind of steals away from the
personality of the knot, so I really
wouldn’t recommend a point collar, but if
you’re wearing a semi-spread, or a
spread collar… or, again, even a cutaway
it will look just perfect. And also, one
of the beautiful little details of the
Prince Albert knot is that… some people
actually say this separates a perfect
Prince Albert knot from a not-so-perfect
Prince Albert knot, and that is… I don’t
know if you can see, but you remember
the first time we crossed it over… the
wide end of the tie over the narrow end of
the tie?
Well, that “fold”, it’s supposed to peek
through a little bit just below the
second time you crossed it over. So, I
don’t know if it’s clear, but it’s
supposed to show right here. It’s just a
little extra detail that makes the
Prince Albert knot super special to me.
So again, this is a super easy knot, in
just a couple tries I’m sure you’re gonna
nail it. You can wear it basically every
time you’re wearing a suit,
just be careful about the collar… the
shirt collar that you will be wearing. So…
if you really liked this tutorial, let me
know by giving it a thumbs up. If you
have any questions or comments, let me
know in the comment section below and I
promise I will reply to each of your
comments… to each of your questions and
clarify any of the steps that you have a
problem with. And also, if you really
liked this tutorial please consider
subscribing to my channel
for more content like this. If you have
any special requests also you can let me
know in the comments section. And if you
have a friend that needs to learn how to
tie a Prince Albert knot, share this
video with them… I’m sure they will find it
helpful. And remember guys, you can also
follow me on social media. You can look
me up as MY DAPPER SELF. Hit me up,
send the message, I will really
appreciate it…
You can also read my blog at mydapperself.com
I would really love to hear
from you, what your thoughts are, what
your suggestions are, and you know, I
appreciate so much all the support… I hope
this tutorial was helpful and I’ll see
you next time.
Thank you!

The History of the Prince Albert Knot

Trust me.

I researched. And I researched. And then I researched some more.

Here’s what I found after searching high and low.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of history available online or in books about the origins of the Prince Albert knot.

In fact, it seems that Prince Albert, who was Queen Victoria’s husband didn’t invent this knot. Or ever wore it.

Fun fact: there is also a genital piercing named after Prince Albert (click at your own risk). No evidence is found that Prince Albert had one of these either.

So where does the name come from?

I seriously have no idea. And it seems no one does.

The good news is a) does it really matter? and b) if it really bothers you, you can always call it a “double four-in-hand“, as many people do already.

I’ll stick to Prince Albert, it just rolls nicely off the tongue.

Prince Albert not wearing a Prince Albert knot.

How To Tie The Prince Albert Knot?

Wasn’t the video clear enough?


To be honest, this is one of the easiest tie knots you can find.

If you have nailed down the four-in-hand, you might as well declare yourself a master of the Prince Albert knot, since they’re basically the same knot.

Except the Prince Albert knot required two passes instead of one. Yes, that’s where the alternate name, “double four-in-hand”, comes from.


Wait! Would you rather have a visual guide? Well, if a visual guide is what you need, I got you covered too!

Easy as hell, I told ya!
Image source: tie-a-tie.net

The Technical Stuff: Shirt Collars & Ties Ideal For The Prince Albert Knot

On top of being super easy to tie, the Prince Albert knot is one of the most versatile ones you will encounter.

While you can pair it with aaaaaalmost all shirt collars, my suggestion would be to try to keep it simple and stick with the following:

  • Semi-spread collar: Perfect match to the P. A. knot. The collar gap is not too big as to show the tie band, nor too narrow to hide the beauty of the knot.
  • Spread collar: Also a very nice option, but you do risk a bit of tie band showing. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I know some of you aren’t a fan of this look. On the other hand, the knot will have enough room to stand proud and get the attention it demands.
  • Cutaway collar: Risky, very risky, but an option that I would approve. Yes, your tie band will show when pairing the Prince Albert knot and a cutaway collar, bear that in mind. The collar gap might end up being a bit too much if you knot is very thin, so be cautious with this choice.

Avoid the point collar. We want the knot to be the real star, so why hide it behind narrow collar wings?

Now a brief mention about probably the ideal tie to wear with this knot. As I mention in my video, my suggestion would be to favor a mid-width tie.

A very narrow or skinny tie will not give your knot any personality here. A very wide tie will give you a very tall knot, which can look a bit sketchy, in my humble opinion.

So mid-width ties that is!

Well done, Ed! Well done!

This Knot Is Just Something Special

As a form of conclusion, and unlike my animosity towards awfully pretentious and ugly tie knots, I just want to share (again) my fanboying appreciation for the Prince Albert.

Ever since I learned how to tie it, it has remained a constant in my suit and tie ensembles.

5 out of 10 times you will see me in a suit, I will be wearing the Prince Albert knot.

Its asymmetrical and imperfect shape gives an extra boost of personality and boldness to any tie.

It is super versatile besides being super easy to tie. What more could a gent ask for?

Oh, and did I mention it makes beautiful dimples most of the time?

I’ll tel you, it’s just the knot that gives and gives.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you joining the Prince Albert knot fan club as well? You know you will!

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