The Tie BarThe Tie Bar Review RatingDo you think finding quality ties that are affordable is next to impossible? Well, think again.

The Tie Bar is a great option for all men looking to buy great ties without having to pay buttload of money (and we know how our passion for ties can make us spend large amounts of our hard-earned bucks).

It is also worth mentioning their jaw-dropping selection of ties: colors, patterns, sizes, textures, fabrics, etc. You will surely come across a great find that will add more variety to your ever-growing tie collection.

Kid at a candy store comes to mind when I think of the hours I’ve spent just browsing through their entire selection of ties and accessories.

About The Quality of the The Tie Bar Ties

The Tie Bar Review Tie 1The biggest worry many of you surely have when buying ties online is whether the quality of the piece will be good enough and match your expectations, because let’s face it, with a price that starts at $19.00, the mind starts to wonder.

When I decided to do this The Tie Bar review, I knew this was a critical point to be discussed.

So, let’s address the quality issue.

Sure, the quality of The Tie Bar neckties is possibly not the most spectacular you will find around. But it will most definitely be nowhere near the worse – AT ALL.

Truth be told, for the price you will be paying, you will get much more quality that you would initially expect.

If your main goal is to get a few affordable ties to make your collection more robust, The Tie Bar should definitely be under your radar.

Now, it is obvious these ties are not on par with the breathtaking and sensational handmade ties that sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars (although the quality of some of those ties can also be questioned when you end up simply overpaying for a brand name).

This doesn’t mean that when shopping The Tie Bar you’ll be sacrificing quality. You will be getting a terrific tie that ties well, makes great knots and has enough body to bring life to your suit ensembles.

You certainly will be happy and satisfied with your tie.

Do I Personally Recommend The Tie Bar Ties?

I’ve been a client for quite a few years (started back then when getting a tie was a reeeeeal sacrifice for me). So far I’ve never had any major hurdles with the The Tie Bar ties.

In fact, I have also given some of their other products like pocket squares, bow ties and suspenders a try and never have I felt let down by the quality, the price of even the service they’ve provided.

So, are the ties from The Tie Bar a good match for you? It really depends on how you think about ties. If you hardly ever buy ties and are looking for the most magnificent tie you could find, then this is probably not the right choice for you.

On the other hand, necktie aficionados will undoubtedly benefit from the terrific prices and exciting selection.

In Conclusion

If anything, I would at least recommend you all to check out their website, look around and see what grabs your attention.

Give one of their ties a try and see how you like them.

At the very least, you’ll end up with a cool new tie that you didn’t pay much for. So what’s there to lose?

You can start shopping here.

Have you already gotten ties from The Tie Bar? If so, what was your experience like and what is your opinion on their quality and price? Please leave a comment below and share with us your honest sentiment about these ties.

As always gents, stay dapper!

This post includes affiliate links, which means for every purchase you make from The Tie Bar I will take a small commission, which helps me keep this amazing site running. That being said, all my opinions about the products I review are always honest and real. I wouldn’t sell you any BS.

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