Collecting is fun.

A bit expensive? Yes, but fun nonetheless.

For some men it’s all about collecting cars (the filthy rich ones, of course).

Some others collect watches.

Or shoes.

And then some men collect ties.

*Raises hands*

Surely I am not alone in this one, right? Proud tie collectors, this is the blog post for you.

Let’s talk about this obsessive compulsion passion for ties, shall we?

What I Found About The Human Tendency To Collect Stuff

Let’s start by broadening our scope away from ties for a little bit and get some more knowledge behind the psychology behind collecting.

Have you ever wondered why so many people amass collections?

Well, this exact same question came to my mind while I was starting this post, and so I put on my detective hat.

Here are a few interesting facts I found about collecting stuff:

  • The value of a collection is usually not monetary, but emotional (I guess we all agree on this one).
  • Collections allow people to relive their childhoods, to connect themselves to a period in history or to a time they feel strongly about (hmm.. okay).
  • The thrill of the hunt keeps it fun (don’t you love this one?).
  • People can collect almost anything (is this a justification for people collecting toenail clippings? – no, I’m certainly not making that up).

Okay. Moving on, I also found this on Wikipedia:

“Freud himself took a more extreme position on the origins of collecting. Not surprisingly, he postulated that all collecting stems from unresolved toilet training conflict. Freud took the stance that the loss of bowel control was a traumatic experience, and the product from the bowels was disgusting and frightening to the child. Therefore the collector is trying to gain back control of their bowels as well as their “possessions” which were long flushed down the toilet…”

WTF, Freud?!

Color me perturbed.

So, back to ties…

Necktie collection

Isn’t it absolutely beautiful?

Why Do (Many) Men Love Collecting Ties?

So now we know what psychology has to say about collecting things. By the way, thank you psychology for the disturbing mind images.

But what is it about ties that many men choose to collect them?

Good question, I’ll take a stab at it.

  • Ties are awesome. Yeah, yeah, we know bow ties are cool, but ties are just freaking awesome. I wish I could pinpoint exactly why, but I just know for a fact that ties are plain out awesome – help me out with this one if you have a proof to my claim. 🙂
  • Ties are the epitome of masculinity in clothing. There is not a single piece of clothing that represents masculinity the way a tie does. As women have become more accostumed to wear what once was considered typical male clothes (and more power to them), men are left with very few items that we can consider “our very own”, so to speak. Ties are the real embodiment of male style. It is only logical that many men gravitate towards them.
  • Diversity. Ties come in different sizes, lenghts, widths, fabrics, textures, patterns, etc. Isn’t a wide availability of variety a crucial part of any interesting collection? Variety you say? Oh yes, ties have it plenty.
  • They’re colorful. Which makes them very attractive to the eye. Besides this, just looking at a collection of ties, all of them hanging side by side, with all the colors working together and making fun, intricate patterns,… I’ll tell you man, it’s akin to a fine piece of art.
  • The thrill of finding the perfect tie. Ah, I’m sure you have experienced this one first hand. You can spend hours and hours of your time just looking at ties, inspecting their colors and textures, all with the sole goal of finding that perfect tie. Which by the way, usually doesn’t exist, so you end up buying a handful of them because that’s what any intelligent man would do. Wouldn’t he?

Now that’s all find and dady, but there is a question that every collector dreads asking himself:

Am I going too far?

Not that anyone asked for it, but here’s my honest opinion.

Is There Such A Thing As Too Many Ties?

Tie collection

There’s no such thing as too many ties, some say.
Image: @officalno.95

As any collector would surely concur: There is something special about collecting something you love. That warm, fuzzy feeling inside anytime you add a new item to your cherished collection.

But can you actually go too far with a tie collection?

Well, I guess in theory you can, but isn’t that the case with all different types of crap people collect? At least ties have a practical use to men.

No, it’s not logical, it might not even be practical, hell… it might not be the most intelligent thing to do when you really think about it. But that’s our thing, right?

If it causes no harm to no one, I see no real problem with it.

I will say, however, that if I should draw a line, probably having anything over 100 ties could start bordering on compulsive territory. Not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing, especially if you have the means to go on with your collection.

Just consider the fact that you might be going a little too far with those ties.

But who am I to judge, anyway.

What do you say? Do you think you can’t ever have too many ties?

I think I’ve said all I wanted to say today.

If there would be anything else I’d like to add, it’s the following: keep your passion healthy and alive, you’re making the world a much cooler place by rocking those ties with pride.

Before I let you go, I’ll leave you with a poll. I’d love for you to share with everyone how many ties are in your collection.

How Many Ties Do You Own?

Feel free to leave the exact number of ties you own in the comments below. This should be an interesting discussion!

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