Warning! Wearing A Tie Can Reduce Blood Flow To Your Brain! (Yeah… No)

Ed Ruiz

15 August 2018

Can wearing ties really cause reduced blood flow to the brain?

Ah, the dangers one has to go through in order to remain one’s dapper self.

Apparently, one study found this to be a real side effect of wearing ties, but is it?

Here’s my response video to this bold claim.

can wearing a tie affect blood flow to the brain?

I recently posted this video response on my YouTube channel, but I wanted to bring this response to the claim that “wearing ties can decrease the blood flow to the brain” to the blog as well in hopes that it could reach more people.

If you are more into reading than watching, here’s the captions for the video:

Can Wearing A Tie Affect Your Brain?

Hello friends, welcome back! In this videoI will be responding to a recent article that was published that claims that wearing a tie can affect the blood flow to your brain, so this can be an interesting video, so let’s get right into it.

My name is Ed Ruiz, I am a men’s style consultant, blogger and founder of My Dapper Self, an online platform dedicated to help and inspire men like you to create your own personal and professional style, so thank you so much for joining me today.

So I recently came across this article that claims that men who wear ties will have a decrease in blood flow to the brain.

I think it could be true. What they did is, they ran some studies on guys who were wearing ties and there was a control group of men not wearing a tie, who were in an open collar, and after running a few MRIs they found there was a slight decrease in blood flow to the brain of those men wearing ties.

You know, the results show… I mean, they were very varied but the average was 7.5% of decrease in blood flow.

Now, the article does mention that it’s not really significant, that it won’t really change or affect your thinking abilities in any way, but it’s probably true that there will be a small decrease in blood flow.

But it’s interesting to think about it because they don’t really mention any of the possible variables that we can find.

You know, many guys out there don’t really know what’s the right collar size for their neck, so usually many of them will go with a smaller collar than they should.

In that case, then it’s really not the tie that’s to blame.

You know, even if you don’t wear your tie knots really tight, if your collar is very tight and constricting around your neck, well of course, you can affect the blood flow to your brain.

But again, it wouldn’t be the tie that is to blame. It’s actually your shirt, the collar of your shirt.

Now there’s also the possibility that you can actually be wearing the tie super tight around neck. If that’s the case, well, it’s quite simple. Just make sure you are not tying your tie super tight around your neck.

Just make sure to know that you don’t really have to go overboard and tie it super tight. That’s really not good. It’s not comfortable.

In fact, that’s one of the reasons many guys say that wearing a tie is uncomfortable. They just tie it super tight, or again, the collar of their shirt it’s too small for their neck.

So really, let’s be completely, I don’t really think this is any proof that wearing a tie can be such a bad thing as they try to make it sound.

I mean, even when you look at the study, I think they only took 30 guys… 30! So the number is very low, it’s hardly a number that can give you any definitive results.

So I would encourage all these people, all these people running these studies to keep doing it, keep trying different variables try to get more people for their tests and give us better results. Try to play with different variations and see what you come up with, but just running a simple test with 30 guys with no real control about the shirt that they will be wearing or how tight they are wearing their ties. It really doesn’t give us a lot of information for anyone to actually claim that you probably shouldn’t be wearing a tie.

That’s kind of stupid.

Please, I would encourage deeper and more detailed analysis.

I do want to mention that they make it clear that the participants were wearing a Windsor knot, which is funny. I don’t know why it’s funny but I think it’s funny that they decided to point that out. I don’t think the knot will make a difference but I can only guess that the participants looked quite dapper in the study!

So as a form of quick conclusion, if you happen to come across that article don’t stop wearing your ties. Don’t believe everything it says because again, I think there needs to be more studies related to this, so just keep wearing your ties. Don’t be afraid of losing any thinking abilities because that’s really not gonna happen.

But anyway, I really wanted to make this quick response video to that article because I really don’t think it’s fair, so you just keep being your dapper self. Keep wearing those ties proudly! Stay dapper. Stay classy.

I will link to the article below, so that you can read it and come to your own conclusion. But why don’t you let me know, right now, what do you think. Do you think wearing a tie is uncomfortable? Do you think this study is conclusive in any way? will you be wearing a tie after reading the article?

I’m pretty sure you will, but anyway let me know in the comment section below.


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