As I drink my noon coffee -yes, I’ always drinking coffee- and think to myself what I should write about in the blog, it occurred to me that I’m actually giving a lot of weight to the word dapper in my blog’s name and content. But, do I really know what is the exact definition of the word dapper? I’m not sure. And I can’t be the only one out there with this question.

Now let me tell you, of course, I have an overall idea of what dapper means, otherwise I wouldn’t be using it constantly in my Instagram posts (have you noticed? ha!). But let’s try to go deeper! Let’s see if we can tackle this one.

In search of the ultimate definition of dapper

Let’s start with an “official” definition from Merriam Webster:

having a neat appearance : dressed in attractive clothes
of clothing : attractive and of high quality

Ok, this is kind of the obvious, basic definition of this word, but I feel there is more to it, isn’t there?

I personally think a dapper person needs more than just a specific kind of style, it’s a combination of style and personality or attitude. When sharing pics on social media, this is exactly what I look for, an attitude that can carry the clothes a certain person is wearing.

It is the attitude that makes me go: WOW! Now this is a dapper guy!

And it goes the other way around too, a guy can wear a bunch of nice, attractive clothes, but if the attitude is missing, then it can be quite disappointing, somehow it just doesn’t work! The dapperness (is that even a word?) is completely lost.

Don’t get me wrong when I say attitude is as important as clothes. I am definitely not referring to a certain arrogance or superiority attitude, that’s just plain BS, which in fact I find quite off-putting. It’s not arrogance, it’s… hmm… confidence! Voilà!

Lack the confidence and you might as well be wearing cargo shorts and sandals. (Please don’t!)

So, to wrap this up, here’s the official My Dapper Self, updated definition of dapper:

A perfect mix of a neat appearance and a confident attitude. 

Use dapper in a sentence: Ed from My Dapper Self is f&#/ing dapper!

Sounds fair to me! Merriam Webster: take note!

Are you with me? What comes to your mind when you read the word dapper? Please share your input or your personal definition for this word in the comments and let’s get the discussion started!

Keep it classy!

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