My 6 Good Reasons To Learn Swedish (Ja, På Riktigt!)

Ed Ruiz

27 September 2016

If you would’ve asked me a few years ago what language I would be studying passionately these days, Swedish certainly wouldn’t have been my answer. And yet, here I am…

Surely I’ve mentioned this before, but just in case you missed it:

I am a big, huge, humongous fan of foreign languages.

If there is a passion that rivals my passion for formal menswear, that would be my passion for languages. Well, music is up there as well.

But anyway, this post is about Swedish, so let’s focus on this specific European language for now and what are the exact reasons that I decided at this point in my life to study Swedish with such passion.

Or should I say… passion? Yeah, it’s the same in Swedish. 🙁

6 Reasons Why Studying Swedish Makes Sense To Me

Swedish Flag Swedish LanguageSwedish might not be the most popular language by any measure.

And sure, not a lot of people would even consider studying Swedish. Not even those thinking about moving to Sweden, since basically everyone there speaks perfect English.

But there are a few good reasons to study Swedish. Let me share with you what my reasons were as you might find you share some of these interests with me (or just confirm I am, in fact, crazy for even trying this).

Ett – Scandinavian Culture

I am probably just talking about a romanticized version I have in my mind about what Scandinavian culture is like. In my mind, people from this part of the world are respectful and have a true tendency to always look out for each other and do what’s best for their society over their own personal gains.

This differs a lot from what I have always experienced in my country, Mexico. But who knows, I might truly be dramatizing my current situation and idealizing a different culture.

Två – Swedish Music

Everyone knows bands like ABBA, Ace of Base, Roxette, and many more came from Sweden. In fact, some say Sweden is the 3rd largest exporter of music right after the US and UK.

But Swedish musical influence around the world goes well beyond pop music. Any metal fan knows that Scandinavia is pretty much the kingdom of heavy music. Being a huge fan of this type of music, I always felt this part of the world very close to my heart. The list of class-A heavy metal bands from Sweden would be endless. Literally.

However, the most remarkable surprise came when I began to find artists and bands that are from Sweden and actually sing in Swedish (one could easily assume all Swedes sing in English and not be too far from the truth).

I have discovered bands like Bo Kaspers Orkester, Doktor Kosmos or Gudars Skymning and singer/songwriters like Tomas Andersson Wij, Melissa Horn and many, many more.

I feel like I’ll stick with Swedish music sung in Swedish in the future.

Tre – Beautiful (And Classy) People

Being politically correct, people from all over the world and from all different countries can be beautiful.

But let’s get real. People from Sweden are an attractive bunch and if that wasn’t enough, they have an amazing sense of style. Or maybe they’re just too damn pretty and handsome that everything looks great on them.

Oh and of course, Sweden made my most recent list of countries with the classiest gentlemen, so yeah… further proof! 🙂

Fyra – Honestly, It Didn’t Seem Too Difficult

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That’s what happens after you’ve learned German. Once you have tackled the accusative, nominative, genitive and dative, all problems in life start looking very minuscule.

Swedish grammar isn’t hard. It is very similar to English, which would explain why all Swedes have an impressive level of English fluency.

So, after some initial research (thanks Wikipedia!), I figured Swedish would be an easier language to learn after German.

I honestly felt a bit exhausted from all the effort learning German, so this was a big factor for me.

Fem – A Good Starting Point For Nordic Languages

Much like learning Portuguese can give you a good headstart with Spanish (and vice versa), learning Swedish can give me a good advantage if I ever decide to go after Norwegian, Danish or even Icelandic, even though this last one lost many similarities with its continental Nordic cousins.

In fact, with my current knowledge of Swedish I can understand written texts in Norwegian and Danish without much trouble. At least I think I am understanding them.

Will I ever expand into the other Nordic languages? Not sure, but I guess eventually I will.

Sex – Living Goals

Yeah, I heard it too. 😉

Seriously, I am a happy person living in Mexico, even with all the social problems that my country is experiencing these days, and which I will not mention here, you all know them.

But if there is ever an opportunity in my future to move to another country, Swedish would definitely be my number one choice.

The weather might be a challenge, but the quality of living would balance things out.

C’mon, not everything can be perfect, right?

The beautiful city of Stockholm. Future home?

Why Don’t You Give Swedish A Try? Why?

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Chances are you are not actively studying any other language these days. For some reason us adults think language learning should stop in out adolescence.

But those of you interested in languages, are most likely not studying Swedish. (If you are, I’m sorry for my wrong assumption. Go on being your awesome self!).

So I leave you with the invitation to give Swedish a try. It is an incredible language with lots of interesting grammatical features, lovely sounding words, a nice speech rhythm very similar to singing, and even sounds you’ve never encountered before (the glorious sju sound comes to mind).

There’s nothing to lose, just a great culture waiting for you!

Tack så mycket!

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