Woodies Shirt Review: The Best Performance Shirt You Can Get?

Ed Ruiz

26 April 2018

You have been asking me for more custom dress shirt reviews. What’s a humble menswear blogger to do but obey his readers’ orders?

It’s time to review Woodies dress shirts.

Update: The Woodies team reached out to me with great news after publishing this review. They have created an exclusive promo code on their online store for all my readers and followers: Use the code “dapperself” for 15% off any purchase of $100 or more (valid through May 10th).

Woodies Shirt Review

One of my most successful posts on this blog is without a doubt my “Ultimate Online Custom Dress Shirt Reivew: 4 Top Brands Compared”, but as you would expect, simply reviewing 4 major competitors in the industry just isn’t enough by any measure.

On top of that, there are always new players in the game that are coming up with great options for all men who like to indulge in dapper menswear, and particularly for this post, dress shirts.

That’s how I came across Woodies Clothing and decided to give their shirts a try and document the whole experience like I did for that other review. For sake of clarify, these are the focus areas that I will be review for Woodies in this post:

Measurement methods

User Interface / Experience

Fabric Selection / Price

Shipping Options / Delivery Speed

Shirt Fit & Quality

But first, a few words about the brand.

About Woodies Clothing

Woodies Logo

Woodies is a relatively new brand in the menswear scene, but one that is already getting a lot of traction with menswear connoisseurs and amateurs alike.

A globlal conscious and community-oriented brand, Woodies is definitely one of those brands that deserve, at the very least, to get some exposure for their inspiring efforts.

If you’d like to, you can know more about their history and values by clicking here.

Woodies Clothing Measuring Methods

Woodies offers a very simple measuring method where you will need to enter your basic measurements like height, weight, average shirt size, neck size and sleeve length with a few extra details like your desired fit (options include regular, slim and extra slim) as well as your torso shape (here you can choose skinny, fit, average and full).

The brand claims they use an algorithm to calculate the best size and fit with data points you provide plus some other optional measurements you can choose to enter. Woodies algorithm will take care of measurements like hip, shirt waist and biceps.

The process couldn’t have been easier or smoother, in just a few minutes (I mean literally no more than 5 minutes), their tool had my required measurements.

There is also a perfect fit guarantee, which is nice. In short and simplifying it to one word: simple and clean process. Okay those were four words.

But what about the end result? Well, keep reading.

Grade – 100/100

Woodies black dress shirt review

A black dress shirt is a must have in every man’s wardrobe due to its versatility: you can easily dress it up by wearing dress trousers or dress it down by wearing jeans depending on the look you’re going for.

Woodies Clothing User Interface & Experience

I seriously hate overcomplicated things. I hate it with a burning passion when brands or online stores makes things more complicated than they need to be.

Generally, I will just close the browser, shake my fists in the air and curse the world. Well, I am glad to report that my experience shopping from Woodies didn’t include any fist shaking, or cursing. At all. You can quickly choose the shirt you like, make the desired customizations, including collar type, cuffs, pockets, plackets and even monograms.

All of this in one single product page and add to your cart in the click one of more button.

The customization options that Woodies offers are not as many as you would find with some other brands, but those that 99% of men will go for are there. Perhaps a real downside when compared to other options outside is that you don’t get to actually see the design of the shirt change right on your screen as you choose your different customizations, although these options are rather straightforward and don’t require a lot of imagination to know what your shirt will end up looking like.

Still, it would be a nice addition for the extremely visual customers.

All in all, this is what a streamlined process for ordering custom shirts should look and feel like, especially if you are like me and prefer simple non-complicated things.

Grade – 90/100

Woodies Clothing Shipping Options & Delivery Speed

Remember when reviewing those other four brands I mentioned that I live in Mexico, so shipping always has the potential of turning into a big problem. Let’s not forget it took me over two months(!) to receive one of those shirts from the moment I placed the order.

I am glad to report that my Woodies shirt was in my hands just 5 days after placing the order. That is right, 5 days for it to be produced and ship to Mexico all the way from the United Kingdom. Crazy! I am even a bit afraid to mention this and raise your expectations so much, so please don’t take this as the standard because that may not be it!

But personally, this was just a nice surprise.

One thing I did notice is that they don’t have a shipping page on their website, which is one I always look for when buying online. Again, I have learned that being in Mexico I always must read about a brand’s shipping policies before placing an order. Luckily, my experience was great, but I can see a few customers not located in Europe or North America being concerned about it. You can always contact them and ask for confirmation, but that’s just an unnecessary extra step, in my opinion.

Lastly, it is important to mention they do have an international shipping flat rate of $20 USD, and also, they don’t seem to have an option to change the shipping method at all. It is what it is, so keep that in mind.

Perfect grade for delivery time, while there is room for improvement when it comes to having clear shipping terms on their website as well as different shipping options to choose from.

Grade – 80/100

Ed Ruiz wearing Woodies Shirt

Ultimately, what really matters is how confident and comfortable you look and feel in any shirt you buy. You be the judge of how I am feeling about this Woodies shirt based on this picture. 😉

Woodies Clothing Fabric Selection & Price

With over 100 different fabrics, it is clear you are likely to find that one shirt fabric you are looking for. Although it is important to mention that Woodies does carry a large collection of semi-casual, casual and very casual shirts, which are included in the 100+ count. This is an important thing to point out if you are an avid reader of My Dapper Self, which focuses mostly on dress shirts and classic menswear.

Regardless, I still maintain my conviction that you’re very likely to find a shirt that satisfies your basic dress shirt needs. At the same time, other brands will offer a much larger collection of fabrics to choose from, which is nice if you are already an experienced dapper dresser looking to expand your dress shirt horizons, but can definitely be overwhelming for the regular man just looking to buy a nice dress shirt that fits.

Based on this, I would say Woodies may just be perfect for someone just starting out in their custom shirt journey or for those simply looking to expand their wardrobe.

Woodies prices for their shirts range from $85 to $115 (at the time of this review), which is a nice middle ground. None of these shirts is too expensive to the point of being hard to justify such purchase, but also not cheap that will make you have second thoughts regarding the actual quality of the shirt. For your reference, the dress shirt I chose was a $115 dress shirt.

Grade – 80/100

Woodies Clothing Shirt Fit & Quality

For this Woodies dress shirts review I went with the Black Performance Dress Shirt. Not really owning any all black shirt in my collection, I figured this was the right time for this addition. The few customizations I chose were no chest pocket (seriously, who needs those?), French cuffs of course, and a spread collar, which has been pretty much my standard collar type for a long time now. If you’d like to know more about collars I would invite you to read my blog posts Face Shapes & Collar Shapes and The 9 Collars That Really Matter and this other post after being done with this review.

Right from the start the fabric of the shirt caught my attention, which led me to quickly do some research about its composition. This is what the description on Woodies website says: 97% cotton 3% stretch fine twill. 80 two ply yarn. Midweight fabric with little to no transparency.

This probably won’t say much to the average reader, and I realize a blog post explaining those things is due on the blog soon, but in order to simplify it for you, I will say the actual fabric of the shirt I received feels thick and durable throughout the whole garment. Much more so than with any other dress shirts I’ve ever bought. Like I said, once I took the shirt out of its box, it was obvious to the touch that the fabric was heavier than what I’m used to.

If you prefer your dress shirts to be very lightweight, you will find this fabric somewhat heavy. On the other hand, if you prefer what seems to be a more durable fabric, then this might be the shirt that works for you and your predilections.

Buttons on my Woodies shirt are your typical black plastic buttons, but they do feel sturdy and durable. Considering black buttons was a personal customization I went with, since I am not a huge fan of white-on-black buttons, this plastic variation was to be expected, so no complain there. Buttonhole stitching looks nice and tight, which is an obvious sign of a well-made dress shirt, same as the stitch density, which I am glad to report is also quite high on Woodies shirts (>18spi). I’ll tell you from experience, these shirts are made to last you a long time.

The collar has a nice spread, just the way I like it. Not too extreme that it would approach a cutaway collar, but enough space to accommodate a nice tie knot. Speaking of the collar of this shirt, one thing I particularly loved, and surely it is also related to the thickness of the fabric, is how strong it is. I am not a fan of sloppy dress shirt collars that feel limp and dead, in fact, I am always wary of buying dress shirts online because of the risk of getting one with such collar. Well, not the case here, the interfacing of this collar is just perfect.

I’m sure you’re still wondering how the shirt ended up fitting. Honestly, no matter how good the fabric and manufacturing of the shirt are, if the fit is off, the shirt is pretty much useless.

Having said that, I must say I was a bit concerned due to the fact that Woodies really doesn’t require a lot of measurements, but honestly, the end result was surprisingly good. The shirt fits just right: the collar is just the right size considering I do like collars to be a little bit tighter than most (what I’m trying to say is the collar is indeed a bit snug on my neck, but that’s by personal choice), the sleeves length was almost perfect, maybe 1.5 inches shorter would’ve been perfect, let’s not forget, though that I do have quite short arms, so I always expect this to happen with my shirts. The stomach and biceps areas could’ve been a tiny bit smaller/tighter for my taste, although it is nothing to be concerned about and I do admit that I need to go back to the gym to build those biceps again, so it’s up to me to get that fixed. Lastly, I would’ve liked the length of shirt to be a bit shorter for those times when I’d like to wear it untucked, but this is just personal preference and really, I wear my dress shirts tucked in 99% of the time, so it’s no big deal for me. You’ll have to consider this when ordering your shirts from Woodies and maybe subtract a couple inches.

In short, the fit of my Woodies shirt is very, very good and the minor issues I found can easily be fixed by paying more attention to how I provide my measurements. I guess a lesson you could learn more my experience is that, if you feel there is any part of your body that you know needs special attention, make sure you contact the company and explain your situation, they’ll surely be happy to work with you to guarantee a pefect fit.

Grade 90/100


Woodies Clothing Review Conclusion

All in all, I am very satisfied with the end result in terms of fit and quality of this shirt. I guess for me, a good way to gauge whether a shirt meets my expectations is whether I will actually wear it constantly and feel comfortable in it or will I just keep at the back of my closet and only wear it on those occasions when I have nothing else to wear. I will be wearing this Woodies shirt. A lot.

As with my previous custom dress shirts reviews, here’s the Review score with grades for each of the various focus areas:


Woodies Clothing Review Score


  • User Interface & Experience
  • Fabric Selection & Price
  • Measurement Methods
  • Shipping & Delivery
  • Fit & Quality

In conclusion, I would absolutely recommend you to give Woodies dress shirts a go. You will be getting a functional dress shirt, that’s meant to last, with a beautiful strong collar, nice customization options and all of it at a very good price.

If you have any questions about this review, please feel free to post them in the comments section below and I will try my best to give you a good response as soon as possible, so ask away!

Don’t forget to also stop by and read My Ultimate Custom Dress Shirts Review where I review to a great level of detail (like the one you just read) 4 of the top online dress shirt brands.

As always, stay classy, gentlemen!


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